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How does ETOP Wire Harness manufacture auto wiring harness ?
ETOP WIREHARNESS LIMITED as the leading producer of wiring harness , sets the corporate tenet of "Quality Comes First". We have a complete manufacturing process for the product, with each section fully controlled to meet industry and market standards. Starting with raw materials, we carefully select the materials qualified for further processing. In the workshop, we adopt high automation machines to assemble the spare parts and ensure the fast turnover of the product. At the end of the production, we examine the product appearance and do some tests to ensure premium quality.

Over the years, ETOP Wire Harness has gradually grown into one of China's leading custom cable assemblies manufacturers. ETOP Wire Harness's vehicle diagnostic cables series are created based on unremitting efforts. Other features that are characteristic to this mattress include its allergy-free fabrics. The materials and the dye are totally non-toxic and will not cause allergies. The product offers high safety and reliability to automobiles. One of our customers said:' This product is very quiet. I only hear the condensation unit or water drips if I'm next to the unit. Its insulation gap is reasonable and won't cause the conductor to violate minimum electrical spacing.

We will keep providing customers with high quality waterproof cable assembly. Ask online!
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