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Mini waterproof connectors for ebikes

Mini waterproof connectors for ebikes
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Product Description

mini waterproof connectors for ebikes
1) e-bike wire harness desgined with these connectors would bring us lots of advantages like: smaller size, more stable performance, more powerfule, the appearance of Anti-freeze.

2) e-bikes, new energy, marine engineering
    Battery (single pin isolation, contactor protection design & socket structure with more stable insertion and extraction)
    Signal( Fool-proof design, smaller volume for installation,  matching type with push on and screw locking, panel mount design with straight PCB contacts)
    Motor (Motor cable series, motor-signal integration, motor panel series which applies to front, middle, rear motor;
    Splitter (Parallel circuiting of signals, simplify the wiring diagram, speed up the installation process)

Product Specifications

Product Namemini waterproof connectors for ebikes
Applicatione-bikes, new energy, marine engineering, battery, signal, motor, splitter
Cable colorPer customer requirements
Cable LengthPer customer requirements
Connectors postion2~12 position
Connector typeFemal, Male
Suitable Wire Gauge(Connectors)28AWG to 14AWG
Connector seriesmini-B, GEN-2, GEN-1,  6.0MM
Terminal materialsCopper&Tin&GOLD-FLASH
Quality CertificateISO9001, IATF16949, ROHS, UL,SGS, REACH
Performance Test:100% terminal inspection & 100% electric testing & 100% FQC & AQL=0.65

Product Details


01 Factory ebikes often have a single connector from the motor that branches out at the handlebar into various plugs for the display, throttle, ebrakes, bike light etc.  This Main Cable connector from HiGo is 12mm in diameter and available in 8 to 10 pins, with 8 being the most common. For standard generic bike setups the 8 wires include V+, Gnd, On/Off key, communication lines for the display, 5V, Throttle, and Ebrake lines.  

We adopted this same connector standard and a similar pin configuration but different wire colours and gauges for our new CA3-WP devices, which we call the WP8 plug. This allows us to offer a Cycle Analyst that was someone plug in compatible with generic controllers that already have this connector standard


02   There are many types of connectors that have been used in electric bicycle systems, but no real standardization on connector type or pinout. After our first few years dealing with ebike kits and the myriad of plug types we made a decision in 2008 to standardize all of our systems to use just two connector series, Anderson Powerpoles for the high current connections (battery and motor phase leads) and JST-JWPF connectors for any small signal wires. also these JWPF connectors can be dyed to be black and red color.


03  Higo also has an extensive line of overmolded motor connectors that have both the 3 power leads and the hall and other signal wires in a single plug. The Z910 plug is a popular one to find in lower power hub motors systems. It has 3 phase wire terminals good for about 30-40 amps of max current, the 5 hall sensor wires, and a 6th wire that is normally used as a wheel speed sensor in geared motors, or as a motor temperature sensor. Usually this is just called a "9 pin motor" or "waterproof motor" plug, and it has been cloned by a number of other connector companies (see Julet and Cusmade). One of the challenges with a single motor plugs that contains all the phase and hall pins is that the motor hall and phase pin mapping needs to be correct, and as anyone who has mixed and matched different brushless motors and controllers knows this is not always a simple colour to colour matching. Fortunately, since Bafang largely standardized on this connector they have established the meaining of each phase and hall wire so that controllers and motors using this plug from different vendors are largely compatible.


04   The Mini B signal connector series is an overmolded plug that has been adopted by Bafang and other large volume OEM and turn key ebike manufacturers for various throttle, ebrake, PAS sensor, and light plugs. Compatible version of this plug are also made by Julet and Cusmade. These connectors look and feel great when they come mating in a complete system, but they are not available as a solderable inline plug that anyone can install. The connectors are supplied as premade cable harnesses in the OEM supply line which limits their usage in DIY builds, or as panel mount / PC mount plugs which require custom circuit boards or enclosures.

While the waterproofing makes the contact reliable, there is no way to measure voltage at the pins when the system is hooked up for diagnostic purposes, and if a pin gets broken from forcing the plugs together incorrectly then there is no avenue for repair either. So while desipte the benefits of reliability and environmental exposure benefits over say JST-SM plugs, they are more of a pain to deal with during troubleshooting and repair.

Product Applications

These mini waterproof connectors are mainly used in light transportation, new energy and Marine engineering.As the earliest domestic enterprise engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of waterproof connectors for light transportation products.
Electric bikes are a new and promising alternative form of urban transportation. They provide all the advantages of a regular bicycle: fun exercise, free parking, zero emissions, and freedom from gridlock, while eliminating one of the bicycle's more serious drawbacks, lack of power. Imagine pedalling up a hill as comfortably as riding down, that's what the e-bike experience is all about. In most situations in the city, riding an electric bike will be faster and cheaper than either car or public transit.
Fundamentally, an e-bike is just a regular bicycle with an electric motor to provide additional assistance. You can pedal normally and just use the motor to help out on hills and headwinds, or use the motor all the time just to make riding easier. The experience is entirely different from riding say a gas scooter or motorbike. Here the electric assistance is perfectly smooth and silent, and it complements rather than supplants human power.

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