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custom molded 4pin DIN male plug electrical connector radio cable assembly

custom molded 4pin DIN male plug electrical connector radio cable assembly
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Product Description

custom molded 4pin DIN male plug electrical connector radio cable assembly


molded DIN connector radio cable assembly :

These DIN plug connectors were originally standardized and widely used for interconnecting analog audio equipment. For example, a stereo tape recorder could connect to a stereo amplifier using the five pins for the four signal connections plus ground.  In addition to these connectors, there are also connectors with 10, 12, and 14 pins. Some high-range equipment used seven-pin connectors where the outer two carried digital system data.

As the keying is consistent across all connectors, it does not prevent incompatible connectors from mating, which can lead to damage; this is changed in Mini-DIN, which keys different connectors.

Product Specifications

Product Name
custom molded 4pin DIN male plug electrical connector radio cable assembly
Applicationelectrical stereo, audio, equipments
GenderMale and Female Connectors
Wire Core MaterialCopper
DIN plug connectorfront nut
Quality CertificateISO9001, IATF16949, ROHS, UL,SGS,ROHS,REACH
Performance Test:100% electrical and electricity performance test before shipment

Product Details


01 custom DIN audio cable 

ETOP doesn't simply supply standard size products but manufacture industrial connector assemblies according to customer's requirements. We assist in the development of your new product from concept to design, tooling, prototyping, to finished product for your specific applications.

We specialize in custom harnesses for the widest diversity of cable and connector types, across the whole spectrum of industries. We built your unique Molded Cable Assemblies according to your specified shapes, sizes, pin configuration and cable materials to suit Ethernet, Automation, Marine, Transportation Applications…etc.


02 Custom Electro-Mechanical Connectors

With our broad engineering expertise, we design and build custom electro-mechanical connecting devices to solve customer problems. After receiving your basic parameters of the application, our staff provides the best design solution at the lowest overall cost.

Due to our unique manufacturing and tooling methods, custom work is less expensive than one might imagine. Whether it’s a light-duty circuit board application or a heavy-duty hard-wiring problem, send Custom DIN Connector your requirements and we’ll design the product to fit your need.



03 DIN plug connector

On all these recorders the output signals were only active in play mode, not in stop, record, rewind, fast forward or any other mode. The main benefits with this usage is that tape copying can be done with the regular pin-to-pin connected cables commonly used to connect tape recorders to amplifiers/receivers.

Product Applications

Etop wire assemblies for various industries have been highly recognized by all the customers and widely used for automobiles, electrical and mechanical, medical industry and electrical equipemnts, etc. Products like, wire harness for car audio, power seat, rear-view mirror, POS ATM, Diesel valve Cover gasket fit, elevator, game machine, medical equipment, computer, etc.

M8 series provides a wide range of metric M8 connectors for small sensors and actuators. Shielded is available and rated to IP 67, these connectors are ideally suited for industrial control networks where small sensors are required. Connectors are either factory TPU over-molded or panel receptacles supplied with sold-cup for wire connecting or with PCB panel solder contacts. To strengthen the waterpoofing function, we add glue potting as below, to make sure all soldering point covered with glue by 360 degree.

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