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DC Power Extension Cable

DC Power Extension Cable
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Product Description

This cable designed with 1 male DC connector coverted to3 female DC connectors.  The wire branching SR coverted 1 to 3.  DC Plug size : 2.1mm (inside diameter) x 5.5mm (outside diameter) plugs. Connector by 3 pole type.

Product Specifications

Product NameCustom DC Power Extension Cable
ApplicationOutdoor LED Light applicatons
Cable materalsPVC, Rubber
ConductorCopper Alloy
Connector type5521
Current rating16A
Voltage rating250V
Quality CertificateISO9001, IATF16949, ROHS, UL,SGS,ROHS,REACH
Performance Test:100% electrical and electricity performance test before shipment

Product Details


01 DC Extension Cord 2.1MMx5.5MM Male to Female, 2.1x5.5mm DC 12V Power Extension Cable. We also have waterproof connector type, which allows a workaround for open air splices. It allows for the easy extension of wires, while adhering to the building code. The wires can be made as customized, resistance to UV and Ozone, weather resistant,  Product is made from durable plastic and copper alloy and will withstand all of the outdoor elements.

This quality one-step connector is filled with a dielectric silicone sealant that surrounds splices, making it water & corrosion resistant. This is an ideal choice for outdoor electrical connections exposed to condensation, water vapors or dust.


02 Such 1 in 3 molded DC extention cable deal for LED light strip, rigit strip, LED signage, and security camera, Ip camera, DVR Standalone, Audio camera,car, boat, monitors, lighting,printers, sensors, DVR, external hard drives,audio mixing and recording equipment, or anything that requires DC input and accept 12V 2.1mm x 5.5mm plug.


Highest Durability: high resistance of the cable allows to withstand repeated bending and unplugging.


03 Compatible for a variety of DC 5.5*2.2mm interface devices. It is a product of two different titles, like LED or light, not only can provide normal and safe power supply, signal transmission,. The molded DC connector with tail protection design bendable and anti-broken, also wire diameter 3.5mm with strong and stable power supply. Any other custom requirement can be workable.

Connector Gender:  MALE TO FEMALE

Cable length:  customized as request

Plug size : 2.1mm (inside diameter) x 5.5mm (outside diameter) plugs

2.1mm x 5.5mm plugs are commonly used for 5v, 9v, 12v, 15v and 24v power adapter. However, not all such power adapter uses 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel plug.

Product Applications

Why Are Waterproof Connector Applications More And More Popular Now? With the development of society, the industrial industry is developing rapidly, and the quality requirements for products are getting higher and higher. The waterproof connectors are applied to various fields in accordance with the development of the times.  The most important thing is to play waterproof and dustproof effect, in addition to suit in the outdoors applications.  It will be used in places where it rains, and it can maintain normal work even in water. The outdoor application connection of LED products: such as LED strips, LED spotlights, LED wall washing, LED billboard lighting, LED floodlighting, LED street lighting and bridge tunnel lights, street lights, field exploration equipment, outdoor Large electronic display, household appliances, etc.

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