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Does ETOP Wire Harness provide ODM service?
If you have limited resources in building and creating designs, ETOP WIREHARNESS LIMITED can turn the concepts into concrete and tangible items. Tell us what are needs and expectations. In this approach, we take care of the R&D, product concepts, testing and manufacturing. A visit to our factory is welcomed. It will help you to gain an insider's perspective to us and to know how we operate.

As a manufacturer with many years of experience, ETOP Wire Harness is proud to bring products such as automotive electrical connectors to the market. ETOP Wire Harness's custom connector series are created based on unremitting efforts. ETOP obd connectors can be customized through manufacturing facilities. Its materials can be made of ABS, TUP, PE, PVC, silicone, etc. The product is the ideal choice for events held in wet and windy locations. It offers great stability and can be left up for extended periods of time. Its wires and cables are finely secured against the adverse impact of vibrations.

ETOP Wire Harness has always been focused on the professional production of custom molded cable assemblies. Get price!
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