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3pin Auto Plug to Relay Cable Assembly

3pin Auto Plug to Relay Cable Assembly
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Sample 3~15days, Mass Production 2~6wks
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ShenZhen, HongKong
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Product Description

 This custom automotive wire assembly processed with special copper ultrasonic welding for wire joint connection, which replaced common splice PNT terminal.  The auto cable assembly covered with split corrugated tube for protection. Also the IP67 waterpfroof fuse box assembled with cap for dust and water proofing. The customized 3pin auto plug overmolding with local terminal.

Product Specifications

Product Name3pin Auto Plug to Relay Cable Assembly
Applicationautomotive pressure switch system
Cable colorPer customer requirements
Cable LengthPer customer requirements
Outer Insulation MaterialXLPE(Irradiated wire)
Cable JacketXLPE automtive wire GXL, TXL
Connectors typeoriginanl or local equivalent auto relay connector, auto waterproof fuse connector, auto molded plug as customer request
Pin out connectionAs per customer’s request
Inner CopperTin-plated / Bare Copper
Cable protectionCovered with split corrugated tube 94V-0 & 3M taping
Joint connectionUltrasonic welding replaced common splice terminal
Quality CertificateISO9001, IATF16949, ROHS, UL,SGS,REACH
Performance Test:100% terminal inspection & 100% electric testing & 100% FQC & AQL=0.65

Product Details


01 This custom wire assemblies processed with special copper ultrasonic welding for wire joint connection, which replaced common splice PNT terminal. Ultrasonic welding does not require flammable fuels and open flames, so compared to other welding methods, it's a safer process. Workers are not exposed to flammable gases or noxious solvents. In electronics, copper wires are usually bonded to electrical contacts on circuit boards with solder. The same task can be done using ultrasonic welding in a fraction of the time and without exposing workers to fumes from smoldering lead solder.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Welding :
1. Dissimilar metals may be joined.
2. High quality weld is obtained.
3. The process can be integrated into automated production lines.
4. Moderate operator skill level is enough.
5. The process is fast, economical and automated.
6. It is used in mass production up to 60 parts per minute.
7. It ensures increased flexibility and versatility.
8. Very thin materials can be welded.

As said, even ultrasonic welding processing has many advantages, Ultrasonic welding does have its limitations,

Limitations of ultrasonic Welding :

1. Only small and thin parts may be welded.
2. Work pieces and equipment components may fatigue at reciprocating loads provided by ultrasonic vibration.
3. It is not suitable for ductile materials since they yield under the stresses.
4. It needs specially designed joints.
5. Ultrasonic vibrations can damage electrical components.
6. Tooling costs for fixtures are high.



02   The IP67 waterproofing fuse box with local equivalent one, and the end butt terminal also crimped following IPC620 standard.  And the joint connected terminal all crimped following IPC620-C standard, to use ultrasonic welding method to repalce common splice terminal. The welded appearance as below, together with the required welding spec and Ultrasonic quality controlling:


Poor quality:
a)Insulation is embedded in weld nugget
b)End of insulation is lesss than 1 wire diameter or more than 2 wire diameters from weld nugget.
c)Insulation gap is so large that it causes the conductor toviolate minimum electrical spacing.
d)Any loose wire strands, any discoloration of the conductors;
e)Nugget width to height ratio is less than 1 to 1 or exceeds 2 to 1.


ETOP controlled quality:
a) End of insulation is between 1 and 2 wire diameters from weld bugget;
b) Nugget width to heigt ratio is 1.5 to 1;  or at least 1 to 1 but does not exceed 2 to 1;
c) Individual wire strands are distinguishable on compression surfaces(top & bottom) of nugget. And there are no loose strands.



03  The IP67 waterproofing fuse box with local equivalent one, which can be customized to be original AVL one. Fuse is 5A, also the connector designed with waterproofing silicone seal and cap.


04   The 5pin automitve relay connector with locking hook to fix during assembling. The Automotive relays are for use in 12 volt electrical systems.Relays are used when you need to switch higher currents than a switch can handle, or when you want to isolate an electrical circuit.

Product  Video

Here is the vedio for ultrasonic welding fixture testing and process.

Ultrasonic welding fixture testing
Ultrasonic welding fixture testing
Ultrasonic welding process
Ultrasonic welding process

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