ETOP - 20+ years experience in Customizable Solutions for Automotive Wire Harnesses and Cable Assemblies

How about the application prospect of wire harness connectors ?
Wire harness extensively finds its applications from the market due to its nice properties. It has preeminent features and important financial advantages. ETOP WIREHARNESS LIMITED attracts prospects by positioning the ideal services and products.

ETOP Wire Harness is the highest quality j1962 connector global supplier. We have experience and product knowledge for any project. ETOP Wire Harness's connector overmolding series are created based on unremitting efforts. The rigorous design phase of ETOP obd connectors makes it distinctive. With carefully selected oxygen-free copper, it's not prone to heat up. The product is noted for its prominent cooling effect in a variety of fields, especially in large industrial installations and food preservation. With enough thick plastic or rubber layer, it is highly resistant to abrasion.

ETOP Wire Harness can guarantee the high quality waterproof cable assembly and professional service. Inquire now!
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