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How about the management mechanism of ETOP Wire Harness?
ETOP WIREHARNESS LIMITED has a mature management mechanism. It deals with the supply chain, our competitive strategy, applied technology, and personnel organization. For example, it evaluates different supply chain configurations, favoring local distribution centers where it is more cost-effective. It helps the company to organize teams of employees with the best skills to get the job done. We will make more efforts to complete the management mechanism as we know a bad mechanism will not only affect profitability but can place the survival of our company in question.

ETOP Wire Harness has always been known for making car wiring harness. We have a long history of providing our customers with the highest value. ETOP Wire Harness's wiring harness series are created based on unremitting efforts. We have been working to replace hazardous substances in ETOP automotive wiring harness. This product features an IP68 waterproof level. One of the customers said: 'I switched on and off continuously and frequently, I can't find any flicker problem.' The product's quality is ensured by IATF16949.

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