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Automotive wiring harness processing terminal material is what?

by:ETOP     2020-03-08
Automotive wiring harness processing of materials including wire, terminal, sheath, adhesive tape, PVC pipes, etc. , and some auxiliary materials, such as: packaging, protective material and so on. Wire and the most commonly used materials are: QBV, QVR, AVS, AVSS etc. , are they constitute the main material of automotive wiring harness. A lot of friends don't know the designation may, here only cite an example. QBVV wire: the meaning of Q represents the road vehicles with wires, B on behalf of the thin wall insulation, VV refers to PVC insulated, PVC sheathed. Terminal is the key to the wiring connection material. Sheath plastic sheath and rubber sheath, plastic sheath is used between the wire and the wire butt or docking between beams and the car with electrical fittings; Rubber sheath is used for car body via positioning or waterproof seal for wiring harness. Pipe to harness protection, waterproof effect, at the same time also can have the effect of shock absorption to reduce noise. Pipe generally have PVC pipe, corrugated pipe, heat shrinkable tube, silicone tube, etc. Pipe materials commonly used in automobile wet area, also is the place where poor working conditions, such as engine warehouse, chassis, etc. Heat shrinkable tube is divided into single wall heat shrinkable tube and double-wall thermal shrinkage tube, single wall heat shrinkable tube are used for the insulation of the earthing terminal or medium voltage terminal protection, double-wall thermal shrinkage tube is mainly used for installation in the wire and the wet area contact insulation waterproof. Wire processing tape into the duct tape, duct tape, cloth tape, paper tape, etc. , almost each wire will use this material. Role for the insulation, protection, waterproof, shock absorption, sound insulation, tag, wire bundles, and so on.
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