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Export destinations of ETOP Wire Harness
The destination may change. Contact ETOP WIREHARNESS LIMITED to find out if we have developed the state you are expecting. After years of development, we have established a relatively complete sales system. This allows export to various countries. Our export sector is likely to expand further. Customers from all over the world are all welcome!

ETOP Wire Harness is one of the most professional manufacturers in China. We are known for providing automotive electrical connectors. ETOP Wire Harness's cable assembly series are created based on unremitting efforts. ETOP cable assembly is manufactured in adherence to the predefined industry standards. Demands for both ends such as connector and half-stripping can be customized. The product has a high gloss and smooth surface. It is hand-sanded before assembly to eliminate out all the black spot, burrs, insect attack, and knot. Its materials can be made of ABS, TUP, PE, PVC, silicone, etc.

We have been in the industry of waterproof cable assembly for many years and can guarantee high quality. Welcome to visit our factory!
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