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know the difference between usb, micro usb and lightning connectors

by:ETOP     2020-03-03
Some people tend to be confused when talking about the difference between USB, Micro USB and lightning.
This is because all three look very similar and have the same functionality.
However, you must know that none of them can be replaced by each other.
All three connectors require different technologies, accessories, and ports to work properly.
In addition, they are not compatible with each other.
Here\'s a detailed explanation of all three connectors so you can know which connector can use what device with the best capability.
USB is full ~
Universal Serial Bus.
It is the most commonly used connector that is compatible with multiple operating systems.
When you connect the USB to a mobile device or computer, it is easy to detect the USB.
You can also add or remove the USB cable without having to restart the device.
This makes them a \"hot-
Exchange technology.
There are 2 \"Type A\" connectors. 3 and 3.
0 format, can be used with desktop, laptop and tablet.
On the other hand, type B connectors are used for scanners and hard drives.
The purpose of micro USB making micro USB is to standardize the phone charging device and simplify things for customers who are tired of using different chargers for their phones.
These USBs are miniatures of the USB interface.
Several smartphones using Android technology are equipped with micro USB ports.
The Micro USB looks smaller than the micro USB, but the transmission rate is higher.
Since the micro USB has a black socket and a 5-pin design, it can be easily recognized by people.
Although the Micro USB charging cable comes with a USB connector that can transfer data between the desktop and the phone, you must also know that it is not compatible with all devices.
Lightning connector, released in 2012, is an excellent alternative to the 30-pin dock connector for Apple products.
The design of these 8-pin connectors is more efficient than the 30-pin connector.
The Apple device is very thin and incompatible with the width of the standard USB port.
But these connectors make it very easy to power Apple devices.
Lightning connectors are not compatible with other connectors and cannot be accessed by traditional USBs.
So how do I identify these connectors?
Like most Apple devices, they are white in color and have fine shapes.
You can\'t expect all the chargers to be universal in nature.
The type of connector you are using depends entirely on the type of device you are using.
Once you know what type of USB you need for what purpose, it will save you a lot of money and time.
If you are looking for high-quality USB cables, USB adapters, and other accessories
Valid prices you can order at several stores.
Now that you know the difference, you are sure to make the right choice!
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