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Custom Multi-Conductor Cable Assemblies - 5 Tips

by:ETOP     2020-04-01
Electronics manufacturers in any industry, be it healthcare, aviation, automotive, or computer, have a need for cable wire assemblies to transmit power and signals between pieces of equipment. At one point, original equipment manufacturers thought it wise to manufacture their own cable assemblies as needed. But, as the equipment sat idle most of the time, producing assemblies in-house meant an atrociously poor return on investment. As cable assembly evolved with ever-increasing complexity, it became impossible to produce small-order batches of custom assemblies for every application. And so, the market for cable assembly manufacturers was born. These companies' sole business is producing custom multi-conductor cable assemblies. If you are an electronics producer looking to reduce raw materials costs, here are five tips for sub-contracting your assemblies. 1. Examine Your Needs Whenever seeking a new business partner, your first step is always to re-examine your business strengths, weaknesses, and strategy. What aspects of your supply chain do you handle well? What aspects of cable assembly production will you need your supplier to handle? Will they need to hold inventory? Will they need to handle delivery? Look for any cost advantages to outsourcing some or all of your cable assembly needs. Perform a full analysis to determine the financial impact of each service offered within a potential partnership. 2. Make A Short List of Suppliers Now that you have some criteria nailed down, you can start making a list of cable assembly producer that meets your needs and your greater business strategy. The best way to gather candidates is through referrals. If that fails, there are many cable assembly licensing and trade organizations. Get in touch with a few and ask them for referrals in their area. You may even be able to find reviews from their past customers by doing some online research. 3. Due Diligence You will now want to inspect each candidate closely. Interview them thoroughly, and if possible tour their operations floor. Ask them for a list of capabilities, turnaround times, and prices. Start asking about what kind of payment terms they will give you. It is usually preferable to push for a net-30 schedule of payments, due to the time value of money. Follow up on their list of referrals. Call their customer service line to test response times. In other words, give them as complete a test drive as possible. 4. Examine Financial Impact of Each Candidate Naturally, you will want to consider what kind of return you will get on the investment of partnering with any given assembly manufacturer. If one can give you better discounts or better payment terms, this should weigh heavily in your decision. 5. Ask Yourself If You Like Them Finally, you have to ask yourself if you will enjoy partnering with this company. Did you find everyone you met to be likable and friendly? Did you feel like they were customer-service oriented and capable? While the bottom line is important, better wholesale discounts will not justify terrible customer service or poor inventory management. Your business cannot afford production stops due to lack of inventory. Choose a partner that you know will take care of you.
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