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Automotive wiring harness component and function

by:ETOP     2020-03-06
Along with the development of The Times, the car became the necessary traffic tools in the our daily life, by the end of 2015, China's 2. 7. 9 billion, on average every hundred households have 31 private car, this figure shows the popularity of cars are. All kinds of car brand in the market now emerge in endlessly, domestic cars, joint venture car technology is also constantly updated, quality improved a lot. Automotive wiring harness is a very important role in auto parts, ensure car circuit to keep the normal operation. As people on the improvement of comfort, economy and safety requirements, and car electronic products are also growing, as a result, the demand of automotive wiring harness are also rose, the technical performance requirements of automotive wiring harness is more strictly, to meet the needs of the auto market. Knowledge of automotive wiring harness, of course, a lot of people know is not much, the following part to introduce the automotive wiring harness and function, system design method, processing technology and inspection. Together and see it! Automotive wiring harness component and function 1, sheath are usually made of plastic, terminal with a crush on wires into them, to ensure the reliability of the connection. Commonly used materials mainly include PA6, PA66, ABS, PBT, PP, etc. 2, terminal forming metal parts, pressure has different wires in wire transmission signal, divided terminals, terminal, ring terminals and terminals, etc. Splice pieces with copper is mainly brass and bronze ( The hardness of brass slightly lower than the hardness of bronze) Which larger in proportion of brass. 3, seal ( Seal) Usually supported by silica gel, rubber pieces slot and terminal isolated from the external environment. 4, blind plug ( Sealing plug) Supported by rubber, the seal box protection on wire harness, or used to plug in the sheath is not plug wire socket, with the function of sealing rubber parts. When the car wiring harness via generally use rubber parts for transition, with wear-resistant, waterproof, sealing, etc. Mainly distributed in the following parts: the engine and the cab interface, front and cabin outlet ( About 2) , four doors, Or have a back door) With the car outlet and inlet tank. 5, pipe, corrugated pipe, PVC tubes, glass fiber, etc. To protect the front wire harness. ( Classified by different diameter) ( 1) Bellows in wiring harness bandage generally accounted for about 60%, or even more. Main characteristic is better wear resistance, high temperature resistance in high temperature, flame retardant, heat resistance is very good. Corrugated tube heat resistance in - 40 - Between 150 ℃. It the material of PP and PA two kinds. PA in the aspect of flame retardant, wear-resisting material is better than that of PP material; But PP material is better than the PA material on the bending fatigue resistance. ( 2) Sharing of the PVC pipe is the same as a bellows. PVC pipe has good softness and bending deformation resistance, and PVC pipe is commonly held, so PVC pipe is mainly used to harness the turning branch, in order to make wire rounding off. PVC tube heat temperature is not high, typically below 80 ℃. 6, secondary locking piece ( TPA) Is used to connect a fixed on the connector, wire terminals to further ensure that the terminal and sheath of reliable connection, secondary lock installed to reach the designated position, and sheath buckle special attention to the part quality or process requires directivity. 7, card button ( Card pin) Used to automotive wiring harness is fixed in the car. A tie card, corrugated pipe stuck screw. 8, tape wrapped around the surface of automotive wiring harness. ( Divided into PVC, sponge tape, cloth tape, paper tape, etc. ) 。 Quality logo tape: red tape, used to identify product defects. Tape played a strapping in automotive wiring harness, wear resistance, insulation, flame retardant, noise reduction, labeling, etc, in bandaging material generally accounted for about 30%. XianShuYong PVC tape, tape generally runs flannelette tape and duct tape. PVC tape good abrasion resistance and flame retardant; The heat resistance at 80 ℃, the noise reduction sex is bad, the price cheaper. Cloth tape and duct tape material for PET. Cloth tape bandaging and noise reduction, heat resistance at 105 ℃ or so; Duct tape of wear resistance, high temperature resistant around 150 ℃. Flannelette tape and duct tape has disadvantage is that the flame retardant is bad, is expensive.
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