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Wiring harness processing and inspection

by:ETOP     2020-03-05
1, the total flow of raw materials inventory to automatic logoff and auxiliary operation pressure, waterproof plug wire - inspection - pressure punching operation - including job - preassembly operation to assembly operations, assembly line homework to 100% electrical testing - all appearance inspection, packing and warehousing. 2, offline process ( 1) Rolled off the production process is to wire cutting, stripping head, according to process documents binding process. ( 2) Prepare material to adjust the equipment, the first article inspection ( Measure the line length, stripping header) - > batch production ( 100%, at the end of the inspection in self-inspection) To arrange wire, turnover. ( 3) Rolled off the production process need to line length, length of the strip head and half a strip head, opens the mouth to measure process parameters such as length. 3, crimping process ( 1) Crimping process is to wire and terminal effect together process ( 2) Prepare materials and adjust the equipment to do the first thing, first article inspection ( Micrometer to measure height, width) pressure to pressure - > batch production ( , at the end of the 100% of self-check crimping quality) - > to turnover ( 3) Pressure welding process needs to be R Angle, conductor and insulation skin visible range is in the tolerance range, conductor pressure parts and insulation skin pressure parts whether there is damage and the distortion process parameters such as pressure measurement. 4, auxiliary work procedure including auxiliary wear waterproof plug, baking heat shrinkable tube, free point bandage, cable tie, etc. Auxiliary process is manual operation more, need to fill in the inspection process offline auxiliary operation semi-finished products production status form, test according to the technological requirements. 5, pre-load ( 1) Preassembly is offline or semi-finished products after pressure with sheath, tube, rubber parts and other components loaded into a new process of semi-finished products. ( 2) Prepare materials to insert a two to three back to la, install self-locking ( 3) Insert a two to three pullback process according to the code for the wire assembly hand training hard standard pull wires gently back to complete the self-inspection. 6, assembly and assembly is offline or pressure after the semi-finished products, semi-finished products after the pre-loaded with other materials synthesis process of wiring harness products. 7, test process, 1) Detection process is tested on the test bench mainly includes 100% electricity detection, image, appearance inspection, installation accessories, function test. ( 2) 100% electrical test and the test every finished product needs to look, image detection mainly with fuse box beam to locate insurance and relay plug is correct, function testing machine is mainly used for testing the working state of the relay and relay in the wire can be normal work, also need to detect bolt torque in the fuse box. 8, packaging process last box, sealing and nylon cord strapping and packing, neat - tape sealing - post certificate, serial number to adhesive packing tape, put in storage.
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