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Automotive wiring harness knowledge

by:ETOP     2020-03-06

( 1) Market competition presents certain pattern of regional automotive oems and suppliers in the process of the development of the auto industry to establish a scientific system of professional division of labor and cooperation, the main cooperation models including represented by Europe and the United States department of automobile enterprises supporting parallel mode, represented by Japan and South Korea is a car enterprise tower development mode, and part of China's large state-owned automobile enterprise as a representative model of vertical integration. Parallel matching mode of auto parts and vehicle enterprises are geared to the needs of society, to implement global sourcing market operation; Tower development model based on vehicle manufacturers as the core, supported by zero parts suppliers of pyramid hierarchical matching supply system, the mode of auto parts and vehicle enterprises have closer cooperation relationship; Vertical integration mode is automobile enterprise producing cars and production of a certain number of auto parts. At present, the global auto industry is gradually to the lean production, externalizing non-core businesses, industry chain configuration of globalization, the direction of the management organization streamline evolution and development. As a result, the domestic vehicle manufacturers are gradually by vertical integration mode to form a complete set of parallel and tower development model transformation. ( 2) Automotive wiring harness industry mainly by foreign capital and joint venture automakers especially global auto manufacturers monopoly brand is usually a high standard, strict supplier management, supplier system is relatively closed. A handful of foreign capital and joint venture automobile wiring harness enterprise occupies most of the market share for a long time, formed the automotive wiring harness oligarch competition situation, mainly Germany lenny, deco smil, winding, vector battery in Japan, sumitomo electric, and the United States Lear, amber for famous auto parts enterprises and their joint venture manufacturers such as representative. At present our country automobile wiring harness industry competition situation is relatively dispersed, no absolute monopoly of automotive wiring harness enterprises. At the same time, the basic implementation of strict supplier management system for vehicle manufacturers, high barriers to entry, supply system is relatively closed, cooperation is relatively stable. Therefore, depend on the close cooperation and joint venture car manufacturers, foreign wire brands occupy a large amount of market share, and the domestic independent wiring harness manufacturer for domestic suppliers, usually only a small number of automotive wiring harness manufacturer, including kunshan Shanghai light can enter the joint venture brands supplier system. Major automotive wiring harness manufacturers at home and abroad are as follows: automotive wiring harness industry the main barriers to entry, 2) Supplier of automotive wiring harness supplier qualification barriers vehicle manufacturers set up a strict certification evaluation standard, in general, automotive wiring harness enterprise want to enter the vehicle manufacturer's parts system, not only to first formulated by international automobile group IATF16949 quality management system standard certification, but also satisfy the vehicle manufacturers in product quality, synchronous development, logistics, management, cost control, financial situation and other aspects of the special standards and requirements. Before the products into mass production, still need to perform strict advanced product quality planning ( APQP) And production parts approval process, PPAP) , and after a long time of product test capacity assessment, product approved rear can batch production delivery. The cost is higher, the certification process is complex, generally need to 1 Three years to complete. On the basis of the standard in the industry, vehicle manufacturers of automotive wiring harness parts suppliers usually implements the personalized accreditation and appraisal, belonging to the same system ( Such as German, Japanese, American, etc. ) The high-end customers, high-end models usually set higher barriers to entry, suppliers need to full performance and practical experience accumulated in the industry is to participate in the competition. At the same time, automotive wiring harness business once become qualified suppliers of vehicle manufacturers, will form the relatively stable long-term cooperative relations. Therefore, new entrants to companies on the market development is faced with higher barriers to supplier qualification. ( 3) Technical barriers to auto harness as the principal part of car circuit network should not only ensure transmit electrical signals, also want to ensure the reliability of the connection circuit, in product research and development, production technology, quality control and so on have higher requirements. As the automobile consumption market demand to the diversification, personalization, evolution, the fashion models update cycle gradually shortened, wiring harness enterprise must have a strong independent innovation and technology development strength, cooperate with the vehicle manufacturers to realize auto harness synchronous development. At the same time, with the high labor costs to match motor vehicle manufacturers to the continuous pursuit of product quality, automotive wiring harness industry automation level of design, production, logistics and puts forward the more stringent requirements. In addition, the rapid development of new energy vehicles mechanical strength of automotive wiring harness products, insulation protection, electromagnetic compatibility are put forward higher request, lightweight of automobile and parts product is also the important factors that affect battery life, therefore, automotive wiring harness of the enterprise research and development capabilities, new material technology, production process and product quality need more leading, stable and reliable. Developed a new enter the enterprise on a smaller scale, strength is weak, product quality to improve reliability, facing high technical barriers. ( 4) Capital barriers automotive wiring harness industry belongs to the capital-intensive industries, to meet the needs of customers, companies need to have reliable guarantee, timely logistics transport capacity and strict product quality. At the same time, the enterprise only realize large-scale production can effectively reduce operating costs, improve profitability. Automotive wiring harness, therefore, companies need to acquire adequate plant and into the first high-end equipments to satisfy production capacity, product quality requirements, and shall also be maintained in the process of day-to-day operations to raw material and product inventory, money demand is higher, higher capital requirements for new entrants to competitors. ( 5) Barriers to management of auto parts production has many varieties, small batch, batches, mass and other characteristics, under the above characteristics, automotive wiring harness business needs in raw materials procurement, production and processing, market development aspects such as strengthening comprehensive management, improve operational efficiency, to deal with inventory and business risk. At the same time, global sourcing, supply chain management, as well as practical experience is to participate in the global market competition is the important basis of automotive wiring harness business. Only has the collection research and development, procurement, production, sales in the integration of intelligent management capabilities, automotive wiring harness enterprises to meet the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer's strict product quality, and ensure the sustainable supply capacity. Outstanding intelligent management level based on efficient management team and management thinking, new companies often difficult to establish in a short time to meet the requirements of the industry management mechanism, to form a high barriers to management. About automotive wiring harness of automotive wiring harness is the circuit network main body, no wiring harness and there is no car circuit. Wiring harness is to point to from copper rushed into the system of contact terminals ( The connector) With wire and cable, pressure and plastic outside pressure insulator or plus metal shell, etc. , in wire bale form connected components of the circuit. Automotive wiring harness can be divided into main beam and small harness. Main beam including engine wiring harness, the central box beam, the dashboard wiring harness, cockpit wiring harness, etc. ; While small harness including door wiring harness, battery wiring harness, ABS brake line cable and so on. Can be divided into the high voltage wiring harness automotive wiring harness and low voltage wiring harness, automobile high voltage wire the biggest characteristic is high voltage low current, high insulation performance requirements, thus insulating layer tend to be thick and conductor is fine.
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