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Automotive wiring harness is what?

by:ETOP     2020-03-07
Automotive wiring harness is connects the various auto electrical parts and an important part of a circuit board equipment, in the car the whole circuit board connection system have the effect of transmission signal, is for the car itself and signal transmission control circuit of the carrier, can say no automotive wiring harness, car connection system is no circuit connection. With the progress of the society, people are more and more high to the requirement of automobile, the intelligent car increases, it puts forward higher requirements on automotive wiring harness. Is car connector, automotive wiring harness matching with the function of the connector is to achieve between wire and wire and other electronic equipment fast connection and blocking device. After so many years of development, improve a automobile electronic technology and the application of wiring harness and connector on the car also put forward higher requirements, the automobile connector to more flexible, more insulation degree, provide better conditions for the automotive wiring harness conduction, realize the improvement of the performance of the car, increase the reliability and safety of car. Automobile connector wiring connection as an important part of the design and study of automobile connector has also become an important part of how to improve the vehicle performance and intelligent. Which is the most ideal results for the design of automotive wiring harness with the shortest wires and the most suitable wire section, ensure that all automobile electrical appliances, electronic equipment can work normally. So for production cars XianShuYong wire material, quality, conductive and other aspects have strict requirements. And automotive wiring harness the ability to work in addition to the material of wire itself, also involves the wire and the cross section of the outside world can control factors, so the selection of automotive wiring harness wire itself need not only to consider when researchers concrete operation and practice. For the function of connection and connect car connector is highly demanding, contact the friction and wear of the connector need to be able to withstand the test of automobile to work long hours, enough for wear and tear or friction material should be eliminated as soon as possible. And connector is from the base and the contact of two parts, it is destined to compared with automotive wiring harness, automotive connector research is much more complicated.
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