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Automotive wiring harness industry knowledge

by:ETOP     2020-03-05
Automotive wiring harness is the network main body of the circuit, there is no wiring harness is no car circuit. Wiring harness is to point to from copper rushed into the system of contact terminals ( The connector) With wire and cable, pressure and plastic outside pressure insulator or plus metal shell, etc. , in wire bale form connected components of the circuit. Including wire and cable, connectors, wiring harness industry chain processing equipment, wiring harness manufacturing industry and downstream applications, wiring harness application is very wide, can be used in the automotive, home appliances, computer and communications equipment, a variety of electronic instruments and meters, etc. , the entire car body wiring harness connections, largely in H shape. Function is introduced on modern cars, automotive wiring harness much more special, electronic control system has close relationship with wiring harness. Someone once made a parable of the image: if the function of the computer, sensors and actuators analogy with the human body, can say computer equivalent of a human brain, sensor of sense organs, executive element is equal to the sport organs, so wiring harness is the nerves and blood vessels. Automotive wiring harness is the network main body of the circuit, connected to the vehicle electrical and electronic components to function, no wiring harness and there is no car circuit. At present, whether senior luxury car or economical ordinary cars, wiring harness plait is basically the same, in the form of are composed of wire, al plug-in and parcel tape, it should not only ensure transmit electrical signals, also want to ensure the reliability of the connection circuit, to supply electrical components as prescribed by the current value, preventing electromagnetic interference of peripheral circuit, and to exclude the electrical short circuit. Automotive wiring harness points from the function, carrier have driven actuators ( Actuator) The electricity power and transmit the signal lines of two input commands. Power line is the thick wire carrying large current, and the fine wires is not carrying power line ( Optical fiber communication) ; For example, the signal circuit using cross-sectional area 0. 3, 0. 5mm2。 In motor, cross-sectional areas of actuators used to 0. 85, 1. Was 25, while the power supply circuit with a cross-sectional area of 2, 3, 5 was; The special circuit ( Starter, alternator, engine ground wire, etc. ) Has 8, 10, 15, 20, was different specifications. The conductor cross-sectional area, the greater the current capacity. Wire choice, in addition to consider the electrical properties, and is restricted by the car when the physical properties, so its range is very wide. For example, the taxi frequently open/close the door and across the body between the wires should be composed of flexural performance good conductor. The parts used in high temperature wire, general use insulation and heat resistance good vinyl chloride, polyethylene coated wire. In recent years, the weak signal circuit, the use of electromagnetic shielding line is also increasing. With the increase of car function, widespread application of electronic control technology, more and more electrical parts, wires will be more and more, the circuit on the car quantity and power consumption increased significantly, the heavier wire also becomes thicker. This is a big problem to be solved, how to make a lot of wiring harness how to be more effective in the limited space reasonable decorate, make the function of auto harness play a more important, has become the auto industry are faced with the problem. The system in manufacturing automotive wiring harness can be divided into two categories: 1. In European and American countries, including China, to control the manufacturing process by using TS16949 system. 2. Give priority to with Japan, such as Toyota, Honda, they have their own system to control the manufacturing process. With the increase of car function, widespread application of electronic control technology, more and more electrical parts, wires will be more and more, the heavier wire also becomes thicker. The car that is so advanced introduces CAN bus configuration, the multiplex system. Compared with the traditional wiring harness, multi-channel device greatly reduces the wire and the number of plug-ins, make the wiring more easily. Can be simple to understand for the automotive wiring harness is connected, all kinds of electrical control the car line, is made up of wires, sheath, terminal and waterproof plug plugging, tape, card buckle, etc. Automotive wiring harness manufacturing process is very cumbersome, it is artificial intensive industry, can use some now, before all by manual calculation have less wire, sheathed wire drawing, etc. , now basically use the midline CAD software, can not only improve efficiency but also avoid error. 1, the engine wiring harness to connect the various sensors and actuators of the engine, around the engine. 2, the dashboard wiring harness, connected to the body and chassis wiring harness, walking along the illustrated the connection on the dashboard of all kinds of electric parts such as combination instrument, air conditioning switch, cassette player, cigarette lighter, etc. 3, the body harness, generally from the side of the bridge on the floor to walk, connection tank sensors and tail lamp. 4, door wiring harness to connect all the electric parts on the door panel, such as central lock, glass elevator, speakers, etc. 5, the small wiring harness, from the cockpit, along the fender and front bumper frame before connecting the small electric parts such as side turn signal and combination lights, horn, electronic fan, etc.
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