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Automotive wiring harness colors represent

by:ETOP     2020-03-05
Automotive wiring harness in the color of the railroads, different countries, different letters marked in an automobile company is the main color how to distinguish between different automotive wiring harness monochromatic conductor: for one color wire insulation surface. Double color wire, insulation surface for two colors wires. Main color: double color wires in the area of the color of the larger scale. Auxiliary color: double-color wire ratio of the size of a small color. (2) the color of the wires and lines to code color commonly used abbreviations in Chinese common abbreviations in Chinese Black series/B Black Light Green gruen LT GRN shallow Green Blue BLU/BL Blue Orange Orange Brown ORG/O BRN/BR Brown Pink PNK/P Clear Pink CLR/CL transparent Purple PPL/PP Purple and Dark Blue DK BLU deep Red Red Red/R Dark Green gruen DK GRN Dark Green Tan, Tan, Brown gruen Green GRN/G/T Green Violet VIO/V powder Purple Gray GRY/GR grey White WHT / / W White Light Blue LT BLU Light Blue Yellow YEL/Y (3) wire color Yellow wire color selection should first choose monochrome, selects the double color again. (4) by wire various appliances by wire should choose black wires, black wires besides make by iron, no other purposes. 5 wire color tagging wire color logo USES the color code, said such as monochromatic wire, color to red, labeled 'R'; Double color wire, color is given priority to color, the second is auxiliary color of color, the main color is red, auxiliary color to white, labeled 'RW'. Cross-sectional area of automotive wiring harness cross-sectional area of the wire according to the size of the working current, to select for some of the current small appliances, such as lamp, in order to ensure proper mechanical strength, cross-sectional area of the wire shall not be less than zero. 5mm2。 Cross-sectional area of the wire mark in front of the color code, unit for mm without mark, such as: 1. Cross-sectional area of 25 r is 1. 25 was red wire; 1. 0 g/Y said conductor cross-sectional area of 1. 0 mm2 的双色导线,主色为绿色,色为黄色 汽车线束颜色英文缩写 汽车线束常用颜色代码明细表 代码 颜色 图例 W 白色 B 黑色 Y 黄色 G 绿色 O 橙色 R 红色 p 粉色 V 紫色 L 蓝色 Br 棕色 Gr 灰色 Lg 浅绿色 汽车线束常用颜色怎么明细表 代码 颜色 B- W black closest to the G W on green closest to the G Y on green Huang Wen LC - R light green with red lines L - Blue Huang Wen Y - Y W in yellow aedes W - White with black lines B - B G black low green grain W - L white lines W - blue G white green grain - Y '- in G in yellow green grain code 'And'/' is a means, for example: 'B - G and B/G 'is on behalf of the black low green grain wire article source: http://www. qcwxjs。 com/qcwxcygj/21087。 html
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