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Wiring harness

by:ETOP     2020-03-09
Wiring harness to make whole vehicle line structured, easy installation and protection of wire insulation layer, the car of whole vehicle lines in addition to the high tension line, the starter battery cable and cable, generally will be to close with the regions of different specifications of the wire wound dressing with cotton yarn or thin PVC belt of bundles, referred to as the wiring harness. Of wire harness by wire, terminal, commonly of splice, cases and various accessories. Now widely used sectional wiring harness, the wire is easy to replace and lower cost. The wire and wire wound and installation considerations (1) dressing: a. Cable half fold bandaging method, insulating paint coating, drying, in order to increase and insulation performance of the cable. b。 After new wiring harness, plastic wrap in a lateral incision of the plastic corrugated pipe, make its higher strength, better protection, convenient search line fault. (2) the installation of the wiring harness: in manufacturing factory according to the cars of the same kind of design and manufacturing, with a spring or nail fixed in the position of the established, its tap near the terminal all electrical equipment, installed in the line number in the corresponding terminal. Various models of wire each are not identical, the same vehicle wiring harness according to engine, chassis and car identity multiple wire harness.
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