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Is there instruction manual for electrical connectors ?
ETOP WIREHARNESS LIMITED has prepared instructions for you to meet the needs, saving time and providing guarantees. Proper operation according to the instructions will affect the efficiency and longevity of the connectors . In addition to guidance, our professional services team can provide expert advice and support.

ETOP Wire Harness is a company headquartered in China, specializing in the design and manufacture of engine wiring harness. We have gained a reputation for quality, service and competitive price. ETOP Wire Harness's connectors series are created based on unremitting efforts. The production of ETOP ethernet cable wiring is combined with the latest technology. The product has gone through 100% electric testing. I'm very satisfied with this product that has a great cooling effect. It is highly efficient in both performance and construction. - Said one of our customers. Its materials can be made of ABS, TUP, PE, PVC, silicone, etc.

Our high quality automotive wiring harness will definitely reach your expectation. Get price!
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