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Car wiring harness

by:ETOP     2020-03-06

Automotive wiring harness according to the structure of the part can be divided into full use of wiring harness, use different degrees of wiring harness and link system; Depending on the service mode, divided into loss system wiring harness and waiting for the wiring harness; According to the service attached to the source number is different, divided into infinite load source wire harness and limited load. In addition to these, there is also a kind of classification, it is divided into the main beam and small harness, the idea that is based on how to distinguish the parts, among them, the main beam consists of engine wiring harness, floor wiring harness, the dashboard wiring harness, etc. , small harness contain ceiling wiring harness wiring harness, reversing radar, door wiring harness, etc. Automobile XianShuYong insulating material will line up in beam, the different color, different specifications of the wire, a more complete and unified, convenient for its security. Wire and the actual carrying capacity of 60% and wire the actual carrying capacity of 60% to 100%, respectively, applicable to work long hours and a short time there are two types of electrical equipment. Wire of the product is selected according to the size of load current of electrical equipment for cars, the selected. In order to facilitate understanding each conductor in electric wiring harness, it adopted the different colors and represent the color of the letters. Wiring harness generally consists of plastic parts, terminals, wire, circuit protector, rubber parts, bracket and fixed parts, and other attached objects ( Contains adhesive tape, set of assembled in a certain process steps. If according to the wiring harness of the costs of raw materials do Plato ratios, then wire, plastic pieces, terminal these three kinds of material cost is accounted for a large part. Raw materials are mainly composed of purchased components, wiring harness to control the cost of raw materials mainly method is based on the standard and method of VAVE to optimize wire, plastic parts, terminals, these three part of the cost of raw materials. Engine wiring harness assembly splice pieces due to its external has certain protection, therefore, in use process generally is not easy to damage, are the major factors causing the damage of two parties, the following: 1. Splice pieces of wire harness assembly production quality is unqualified, some enterprises in order to obtain more profits, may adopt the price lower suppliers to supply, and due to the low price suppliers, in order to get enough profit, will reduce splice pieces of wire harness assembly production quality, shoddy. 2. Violence caused by assembly, plug the wire harness assembly parts in the assembly process, some workers did not strictly according to the assembly requirements for scientific and reasonable assembly, force an assembly splice piece assembly smoothly. Plug assembly task, in order to complete the assembly adopted a violent measures are assembled, causing the plug wire harness assembly parts appear different degree of damage. From dietary daily life indispensable automatic washing machine, TV, household refrigerator and other electrical appliances product to the mobile phone, telephone, computer, and cars, all kinds of machinery and equipment must choose wire at the airport. Wiring harness after connecting the plug can make this kind of machine equipment normal work. Wiring harness before leaving the factory must pass a qualified inspection, so what general wiring harness factory by detector to detect? Traditional wire at the time of production, in order to facilitate everybody in the process of using good to distinguish, for wire coated with different color, to connect by color difference. But artificial in testing, will inevitably put the color to distinguish the fault, also cannot ensure the wire connection is correct. And wiring harness connector detector is fully automatic detection, not artificial detection through the eyes, but the computer to identify the color of the wiring harness. The wiring harness connector detector test items are what? First choice, can automatically inspect the wiring harness, through the study of the judgment of the colours of the wiring harness, wire link location is correct. Secondly, can carry on the judgment to the interface of wiring harness, see if connection is solid or link error. Again, to be able to arrange the irregular clues, such as in a port wiring harness to connect to the b port wiring harness, and make a report to the police. The aim is to facilitate the touch is not good or line not good wire brush to pick out, with qualified wire to ensure the safety of the mechanical equipment can be normal use.
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