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auto harness

by:ETOP     2020-03-07
What is auto harness to make the whole car line structured, convenient and protect the insulation of the wire, the car in addition to the high voltage wire, cable and starter cable, generally with regions of different specifications of the wire with insulation materials such as cotton or a thin strip of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic wrapped packages of bundles, referred to as the automotive wiring harness. What's the use of automotive wiring harness wiring harness is the electrical connection between the shortest way to choose, and the path of the same number of wires with insulation bandaging together. It is mainly composed of the low voltage wires of all sorts of color, and related to tie up the connector, terminal blocks, etc. Insurance device with fuse, fuse two categories. The function of auto insurance device is disconnect circuit when overload or short circuit in circuit, to ensure the safety of electrical equipment and line. Safety device can be divided into two categories, repeatability and disposable. Auto fuse fuse is a cross-sectional area, a long time through the rated current ( Such as a 30, 40, 60, a a, etc. ) Alloy wire, in its relatively thick won't burn at the surface of the insulating layer, so it seems to be thicker than with the specifications of the wire, mainly used for protection of power circuit and high current circuits. General installation on the battery positive terminal fuse. Fuse can be divided into two kinds: tube fuse and fuse line type. The line fuse are common. Fuse, fuse ignition switch power supply, they can through 100 ~ 200 a high current, so absolutely not allowed to change for large capacity than the fuse. When the fuse fusing, carefully to find the reason, the thorough troubleshooting. Fuse installation location ▼ in normal maintenance, if the fuse fusing is by critical circuit ( Power or high current circuits) Short-circuit, should be carefully check and eliminate the cause of the problem. But without a fuse of the same rating, can temporarily with the capacity of the circuit to replace the fuse or wire in series, purchase requirements should be replaced in a timely manner after the fuse. Auto fuse fuse for local circuit, the fuse is commonly used in automobile according to the shape can be divided into the tubular and flake. Rated current of the fuse can withstand the long time load. In 25% of cases, or overload fuse within about 3 minutes. And in the case of overload 1 times, less than 1 s can fuse. The fuse is commonly used in automobile appearance ▼ appearance comparison before and after the blown fuse ▼ flake fuse in driving indoor fuse box or engine compartment fuse box, and relay combination together, constitute a junction box in the middle of the whole vehicle circuit. Below for car cab fuse box and fuse lifted the lid, the fuse lifted the lid of the corresponding position with fuse and relay identification, make the maintenance personnel in inspect and replace those electrical easier to find. The installation position of flake fuse ▼ each of the fuse box melt SiDou have color, and marked with specifications capacity value, this is because the whole vehicle each power of electrical equipment is different, so the consumption of electric current is also different. Accordingly, fuse according to colour can be divided into the following categories: green for 30 years, white for 25 a, yellow is 20 a, blue is 15, 10 a red, brown for a 7. 5 a or 5 a. Fuse in use process need to pay attention to the following: automobiles is equipped with a variety of relay and safety device, in order to facilitate and troubleshooting in the maintenance, hyundai will generally all kinds of relay with the insurance device installation, composed of power distribution box, also known as the central distribution box. The central distribution box of the front of the installation has all relays and safety device, is the socket on the back, used to connected to the wiring harness plug. General vehicles in the left side of the nacelle and instrument panel on the left side of the installation of a power distribution box, respectively. More power distribution box installed on some high-end vehicles. Automotive power distribution box of what are the distribution box is the fuse box cars equipped with relays, power distribution box insurance device, etc. Cars on the left side of the central distribution box ▼ 1 - Relay; 2 - Auxiliary pump relay; 3 - The main relay; 4 - Wiper motor relay 2; 5 - Wiper motor relay 1 public soar team dashboard relay bracket ▼ below 1 a, 1 b, 2,3,11 - Not take; 4A— Fuel supply relay. 4B— Supply relay; 5 - Power relay 1 ( Terminal 75). ; 6 - Power relay ( The bus terminal 50) ; 7 - Terminal 15 power relay; 8A/8B— High beam relay; 9 - Power relay 2 ( Terminal 15) ; 10 - Fog lamps before the relay; 12 - The converter box
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