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The specific requirements of the automotive wiring harness on the material

by:ETOP     2020-03-08
Automotive wiring harness is mainly used in automobile manufacturing, often involve the owner's life safety, so in the process of automotive wiring harness production, for the choice of wire materials have higher requirements, often inspection request contains the electrical properties, material sporadic, temperature tolerance, etc. , is much higher than general wiring harness requirements. Below, line electronic engineer for you to explain it in detail what are the specific requirements of automotive wiring harness on materials. The material requirements of automotive wiring harness, for example: including its electrical properties, material sporadic, temperature tolerance, etc. , are higher than general wiring harness requirements, as automotive wiring harness relates to personal safety, so in terms of material safety requirements more stringent. The following 6 is the requirement of wire material on automotive wiring harness; 1. Weak signal sensor shielded conductor. 2. Wire is used on the automatic transmission hydraulic oil resistant, high temperature resistant, good temperature stability wire. 3. Compartment cover on the wiring harness wires to maintain its elasticity, under low temperature to choose so cold elastic wires to ensure the normal work. 4. ABS wiring harness assembly using 150 - resistant 200 ℃ high temperature, hard outer insulation protection, wear-resisting, but no more than 133 root of stranded conductor wire core. 5. Power line as a starter alternator output line accumulator line wires used for insulating layer can bear large current cooling performance is good, special wire voltage reduction. 6. Engine high ambient temperatures, or more corrosive gas and liquid, and as a result, the engine wiring harness wires must use high temperature resistant, oil resistant, resistant to vibration, friction resistance wires.
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