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The material of Automotive wiring harness

by:ETOP     2020-03-07
Automotive wiring harness bellows PE, PA and PP can be used three kinds of material extrusion molding, can be used to protect the wire and cable from cut, mechanical damage, etc, has good flexibility, good bending, acid-resistant, wear-resistant, protect the wiring harness, wire, cable, more applicable to some corner or curved lines protection. Can be customized according to customer's request as flame retardant, open type bellows. Widely used in machinery and equipment, the control, auto harness protection, high-speed rail, new energy vehicles go line, electric cabinet, etc. The stand or fall of a group with corrugated pipe bundle with stable performance, can't leave it outside protective layer, such as wiring harness with corrugated pipe outside, it's good or bad, in some ways the wire and determines a set of good or bad. When visiting clients over the years, often see or hear the reaction of the customer. Said some mechanical protection XianShuYong bellows above quality problem, for example, some mechanical at work will be fever, which requires the material of corrugated pipe itself can have good heat resistance performance, but often see is a lot of talent for one year or even several months of bellows began to fracture, aging, fall off, is more serious is that melt or a fire. So before buying corrugated pipe, the customer is necessary to know more about common knowledge, such as some requirements more stringent equipment, some like to work in high temperature or low temperature environment using the corrugated pipe, corrugated pipe required material is not the same, and the material is different, can lead to corrugated pipe prices have bigger difference. Corrugated pipe generally have PP/PE/PA three kinds of materials, including PA this kind of material made more smooth, specific to see how do you do what is used in industry. PA material bellows high-temperature aging, flame retardant, used in automotive wiring harness corrugated pipe is very perfect. Product material: nylon (PA6 该州) Working temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ + 125 ℃ short time can be up to + 140 ℃ scope of supply: with flame retardant and don't flame retardant, flame retardant grade: FV - 0. Junction construction: interior and exterior are wavy sex: nylon bellows flexibility, resistance to distortion, bending performance is good, can bear heavier load; Acid, such as lubricating oil, cooling fluid, the surface luster, anti-friction bearing capacity, can bear the weight of the foot, not broken, not variant, can quickly recover, and itself without any damage areas of application: machinery manufacturing, electrical insulation protection, lighting equipment, automobile manufacturing, aerospace equipment, subway, train, automatic control method of use: harness corrugated pipe insert the cable tube, deserve to go up in DS: SM - G, SM series hose connection corresponding models can be used
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