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The composition of automotive wiring harness

by:ETOP     2020-04-04
Automotive wire is also called the low voltage power lines, it has to do with ordinary household electric wires are not the same. Ordinary household electric wires are ChanRui copper wire, there is a certain hardness. The car more than copper wires are a core soft lines, some fine soft wire such as hair, several or even dozens of annealed copper wire wrapped in plastic insulation tube ( Polyvinyl chloride) Inside, soft and not easy to break. Due to the particularity of the auto industry, automotive wiring harness test process is better than other ordinary wire. Wiring harness is in the circuit connecting the connection part of the electrical equipment, an insulating sheath, terminals, wire and insulation bandaging material, etc. 1 a, the electric wire. Electrical wiring harness for ease of installation, maintenance, to ensure that electrical equipment can work under the worst conditions, the whole vehicle electrical equipment used in different specifications, different colors of wires through reasonable arrangement, the one, and the insulation tied into a bunch of wires, such already complete, and reliable. 2. Wire cross-sectional area and the choice of color mark normal ( 1) Wire cross-sectional area of the correct selection of the car's electrical equipment according to the size of the load current to select the sectional area of the wire used. Long hours of electrical equipment can choose wire carrying capacity of 60% in real terms; The electrical equipment of the short time work available wire - 60% of actual load flow 100%. ( 2) Wire color choice to facilitate the identification and repair, the electrical wiring harness wires have adopted a different color. To mark in the circuit diagram is convenient, the color of the wires are made of letters, it represents the color of the notes are in the circuit diagram. Domestic economy fast development, the heavy machinery industry exports increased, due to the downstream market to force, especially the robot industry booming, reducer industry future development prospects continue to improve. In the current industrial robot industry, sales of rising, the potential demand of the reducer rising year by year. In the robot industry reducer industry is expected to fast lane industrial robot is a device equipped with memory and end devices, able to complete all kinds of mobile universal machine or process to replace human labor. Usually in production instead of workers to do some drab, frequent and repetitive job for a long time, or danger, harsh environments. It can improve production efficiency and the quality of the product, is the enterprise effective scheme of complementary and alternative workforce. From the high-speed operation of power plant, such as electric motors, internal combustion engine to power plant work, need a process of slow down and increase torque. Reducer is to implement the power convey mechanism of this process. Reducer is one of basic equipment industry in our country, is widely applied in the field of robot, mainly used in the robot; Joint, it can make the robot; More flexible joints, flexible and diverse. As a robot key components, the cost of the whole robot a third of the cost of production. Later research on robot reducer, and technology of China is not mature, now relies heavily on imports, to say the reducer is a key factor restricting the development of robot industry in China, conquer technology is the inevitable choice of domestic robot enterprises industrialization. All the core components of the robot, the speed reducer is crucial. Reducer in the field of mechanical transmission is the middle of the connection between power supply and actuator device, usually it motor, internal combustion engines, such as high speed operating of power by the small on the input shaft gear mesh big gear on the output shaft to achieve the purpose of reduction, and deliver greater torque. However, when we are in the era of infinite vision robot, today, China still don't have the ability to design and manufacture of it. Current bottleneck of the development of the domestic reducer is main or mass production, involves the Toll Gate, management, technology and other issues, resulting in machine of decelerate of domestic production capacity is impossible in a short time exponentially, unable to meet the growing market demand. Industrial robots usually perform repetitive actions, in order to achieve the same working procedure; In order to ensure the industrial robots in production can be reliably process task, and ensure the process quality, the positioning accuracy of industrial robots and repeated positioning accuracy is high. The industrial robot is domestic fastest growing industry in the future ten years, as one of national strategic emerging industries, robot technology embodies the comprehensive strength of national science and technology. Conquer the robot core components technology is the inevitable choice of domestic robot enterprises industrialization. Reducer as an indispensable in the construction of modernization drive equipment, widely used various fields of national economy. For the industrial robot, reducer is application of the most important step in the industrial chain. Thanks to a robot industry rising, the future market demand is released, the development of machine of decelerate of robot industry is expected to fast lane. In new energy subsidies, although the gap widening, subsidies of speech also happen from time to tome. But given the current subsidy to maintain and promote the development of new energy industry still plays an important role, can be expected, subsidies may be related in the short term, but completely cancel will still is a long process. Especially photovoltaic, wind power, new energy automobile industry in China, the subsidies are still in their development has a very important role. In this background, in order to use limited subsidies to better promote the development of new energy industry, through a focus on subsidies to promote the healthy development of the industry, will be more intuitive. Photovoltaic (pv), countries to support pv continue to distributed and poverty alleviation program ( Especially the spontaneous use and household items) Tilt. Through the summary, for different pv projects, the adjustment of the subsidies mainly: 1. Subsidy cuts focused on centralized power station on the ground and full access to the Internet on distributed projects; 2. Encourage spontaneous for private use, households with distributed projects and poverty alleviation projects, less in this lower subsidies or not; 3. Discard serious region will reduce or cancel the pv subsidy. Wind power, though, have made it clear that will be the first in the new energy from rely on subsidies, but the launch time basic is in the period from 2020 to 2022. Therefore, in the from subsidies that time, the wind industry subsidies adjustment trend will be: 1. According to the wind subsidies points type, area, area gradually withdraw from the train of thought, in the future, wind power industry subsidies will take the lead from had formed large-scale onshore wind, need technical progress and market mechanism innovation of wind power projects, parts of wind power resources superior region exit; 2. Subsidies will be to focus on developing offshore wind power in the field of slope; 3. Promote the development of distributed wind, subsidies to the tilt; 4. Abandon the wind phenomenon serious region will reduce or cancel the wind subsidies. New energy vehicles, subsidies adjustment is: 1. This year, due to the strong ability of authors, the contribution of new energy vehicles increment main a00:1450:8006 models or face the biggest subsidies TuiPo next year; 2. Attaches great importance to the ternary batteries and battery performance of new energy vehicles will get more subsidies; 3. Subsidies for the take light situation will change gradually, as the passenger car market gradually saturated, new energy of commercial vehicles subsidies will get longer. In addition, according to the personage inside course of study, the future direction of new energy vehicles subsidies will be 'only for high-end', that is to say, it has advantage of leading technology, especially the power battery has the advantages of new energy vehicles, will get more subsidies.
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